Verbal exclamation mark used to enhance a boom.
Pat!: Fuck yo' momma.
Wheelz: GOT EM
by the_guy April 24, 2006
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When you play somebody, you yell out 'GOT EM' <implying that you played the shit out of tha person>...right Aden?, lol
Person 1:Why is my moms number in your recent calls list?
Person 2:I dont know why your mom keeps calling, I fucked once and she doesnt get the hint, GOT EM!
by Micael November 01, 2007
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The act of burning someone so extensively that it warrants a high five and the declaration of the phrase "Got Em!"
"Eric and Chester see Nick walking down the halls sucking a lollipop."
Eric: Looks like he’s practicing for later.
Chester: Got 'Em
"Eric and Chester high-five enthusiastically."
by ShowMeYourTDs September 14, 2013
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(1)exclamatory term used when one person tricks, fools, pwns, or does something to someone without their consent; (2)this can also be said about doing something to the community at large instead of directed towards one person

** "gotems" is generally always accompanied by jovial laughter
(1) your friend passes out on the couch and you shave his eyebrows. whe he wakes up he's like "what the fuck?!" and you say "Hahaha.... Gotems!"

(2) you destroy half a city block using sledgehammers and dynomite. As you drive away happily, you say "Gotems!"

** preferred term of mockery by the class of 04 from Winter Springs High School...woot
by Peter December 01, 2004
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Exclamation for when one has been had, tricked, pranked, insulted, pwned, or given an STD, etc.
Kory and Ashley have sex...


Kory: By the way, I have herpes... Got 'ems!!!
by Wits October 15, 2006
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1. Used after some one is owned via verbal/physical abuse, especially via facebook arguements

2. Used after you hook up with/smash a very hot chick

3. Used after a very "g" moment takes place
After Josh told Amanda to get off his jock, Conner said Got 'Em!!
by TaylorSwift222 January 15, 2010
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