Short for Gosh darnit.
Basically, a nice way of saying Goddamn.

Kid: Mom! The cookies are burning!
Mom: Gosh Darn!
by Hannahxoxo December 27, 2008
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What you have to say so you won't go to heack.
Kid: goddammit

Mom: do you wanna go to heack

Kid: no i don't want to go to hell
by Danielsdickishugeasf August 19, 2015
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A more polite way of saying god damn it (god damnit, god dammit, goddamnit)
Gosh darn it! My fucking TV just broke.
by UnNerd June 13, 2007
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When your gonna say god damn it but you cant cuz someone such as a teacher is near,you could say gosh darn it.
Bobby went to say "god damn it" to Jane, but their teacher, Mr. Smith was there. So he said "god... i mean gosh darn it"
by SMCgirl June 20, 2007
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when something is so ridiculous that ridiculous just isn't enough to describe it.
Andrew: Dude, Mike had sex with four different women last night for two hours each.

Joe: It's re-gosh-darn-diculous that he can keep it up that long.
by nuwebb March 7, 2009
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