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Adj. 1)perjorative. used to describe a person who is not only dorky, but acts like a cheesy game show host.

2)a term used to decribe someone who is suave in a very nerdy way. An endearing term.
Ex. 1-The guy I work with at tech support is so gorky. He sidled up to me, snapped and pointed his finger, and said, "Hey babe, wanna see my new calculator?"

Ex. 2-Wow, he is so cute in a gorky way. He kept talking about his synthesizer and I had no idea what he was talking about, but it still was really hot.
by TheSarahShow December 3, 2004
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The architecture, artifacts, and other physical elements that exude the ethos of the paradigmatic Metropolis
The Chrysler Building in New York City is a shining example of Art Deco Metropolitania.
by TheSarahShow August 4, 2008
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N. Name for a skeezy looking guy who has ratlike qualities. He is not quite as sketchy as a rat, though, but kind of cute/nasty like a bug.
This weird guy I met while I was drunk was spooning with me even though I hardly know him. I though about hooking up with him, but was vacillating because he was such a bugrat.
by TheSarahShow December 3, 2004
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