A person who thrives on excitement and adventure and does not shy away from a challenge, very lucky with personal aspects of life. But when alcohol is consumed tends to head but people and dance moronically.
by 2_Timer October 12, 2015
A guy who drinks too much, gets crazy and then throws a pint over a girls head and/or strangles her!
Mate, you oughta do a "Gordie" on her ass!
by J-Maine January 23, 2008
A very drunk man who believes it's funny to pour drinks and/or pull pranks on others.
Morris: Liam is being suuuuch a Gordie right now.
Mia: IKR!? Such an asshole!
by hahahahaha....NO! December 5, 2010
Rapoo: Hey Ranjid, India is the most superior country in the world!
Ranjid: GORDIE! It is the approval of the voice of India!
by Texa January 6, 2013
An unlucky guy usually of the swimmer orientation.
Boy: Okay, so there's a girl and she's laying there all ready for Gordie and all of a sudden he falls and gets knocked out and the girl just gets up and leaves.
Girl: That is Gordie's luck

Gordie: Yeah, that would happen to me
by Jourt March 5, 2010
used to describe a goofy looking or strangley featured person
Hey did you see that guy? He was probbably the gordiest looking dude in the universe.
by skrilla June 17, 2003