A term that can be used to describe something that is totally badass or kickass or just plain skepin. The signal of puttin your right fist to your chest and raising your elbow at the same time must go along with saying this word

This word orginated in Rupert Idaho after a couple local teens watched a movie by the name of Slapshots 2. It is orginally the name or a hockey great named Gordie Howe. The two teens then changed the meaning to the definition above because Gordie was such a badass hockey player
Dude that shit is gordi.

Have you tasted the new mountain dew? It is totally Gordi.

Situational: a man walks up to another man and punches him square in the jaw knocking him out cold. a couple bystanders watch this incident and yell gordi while raising their elbows
by Josh Draper June 10, 2008
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I just saw that gordis on snapchat she said shes down to give me spits...dub
by Nickfromdasack November 24, 2018
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