1.) When somebody looking hella stupid tryna roast
2.) That one dude in every school who looks like a cartoon
3.) When somebody does something stupid and looks slow
Tajuan goofy ass had me fucked up tryna call somebody else fat with his musty, crusty, Oompa Loompa looking ass!

Aye yall know Darius Jones? That nigga look like a straight Shrek character with his goofy ass!

That was funny as hell when Shaniqua was tryna switch and her booty was stuff as hell! Her goofy ass!
by LuhHubb September 18, 2018
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Usually an insult, mainly used when roasting someone.
Boi, if you don't hurry yo' snail built ass up already I finna knock the stupid out yo' goofy ass.
by KillerKReyes December 20, 2016
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Goofy's Ass Are Fucked Up Niggas that All They Do Is Talk About Bitches to Other Bitches
Autine: Hey Babe That Girl A Thot.
Elan: Yeah
Reagan: Austine You A Goofy Ass Nigga cause We Just Fuck em Bitches Up We Can't even Remember Thier Name When We Arent Aroud Them! You're A Goofy Ass
Elan: Yeah Reagan
by Jimmy_Willock February 27, 2018
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A more extreme condition of goofiness.
This is a goofy-ass business pursuits exclusion, it doesn't define the word "employment".
by Bethley November 7, 2006
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Somebody who is dumb enough to talk shit when they know they finna get they ass beat.
Aye bruh, you is a goofy ass nigga. Talk to me again and i will smack the shit outta you.
by Over9563 May 21, 2017
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A person who does or says stupid shit
or a funny person
Ex #1

Shawntae: You go to Judi house last nigh for that party
Mehgan: Man fuck that goofy ass bitch

Ex #2
Devin: Girl, I sucked DaeShawn dick so hard last night it went *pop* and came clean off
Hanna: Haha you a goofy ass bitch
by Girlbyebooandhello May 24, 2013
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Half of you fucking idiots who wrote definitions, so... You fucknuggets are goofy ass niggas... Fucking retards
I CAnt spell GuD BuT heRes DefNitiOn, goofy ass niggas.
by DudefromLA December 25, 2018
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