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The traditional Irish spelling. A witty and intelligent young woman. Does not put up with any crap and yet has the biggest heart full love. Did I mention she is insanely Gorgeous? One of the most beautiful people you will ever meet in the whole world. Wait, no, universe. Her eyes will capture you and her smile will light up and airplane hanger. Oh and she is super groovy.
That Mehgan is outta sight!
by Name Doctor February 05, 2010
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(Meh*insert phlegm sound*ghen)

That trick ass bitch who doesn't stop smacking her gum. Double bubble, hubba bubba, bubble gum hoe. But she is booswatkhaa.
Who is she??

Oh, no. It's Mehgan. Don't look at her or else she'll ask to bite your ass.
by Darlaaaaaa March 13, 2019
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