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A Travel Channel television program about ghost-hunting that is completely awesome led by a guy named Zak Bagans, who, unlike the Ghost Hunters crew, actually believes paranormal evidence. There is great evidence and exciting moments and places in every episode. Aaron, the camera man, always comes in handy for some laughs, and Nick makes the third person of the team. they stay overnight in a haunted place, locked in, and catch convincing evidence of the afterlife.
Did you watch Ghost Adventures last night?
OMG wasn't it awesome?
by Mskittycatty February 04, 2010
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the best paranormal TV show ever

where they take time in editing and get evidence that is convincing (unlike ghost hunters witch is the stupidest show ever.)in the beginning of the show they tell you about the place they are investigating and use the newest technology
hosted by zack bagans nick groff and aron goodwin who is always left in the worst ares alone.the show is not only facts and evidence it has allot of humor which make's it more entertaining.
zack: ok aron you go to the room where the couple got murdered

ghost adventures
by lucas b c October 01, 2011
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A completely dumb show where they feel locking themselves in someplace makes them credible. A show where they went as far as making it seem like one of the crew got possessed, and did a very bad job acting it all out. Unlike Ghost Hunters where they take only extremely credible evidence to support the claims of paranormal activity this shows cast acts like a fart in the wind is a whisper from a ghost.
Most Ghost hunters show are stupid like Ghost Adventures.
by Discovery4Life November 16, 2010
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