A casual term for mutual agreement between two or more friends.
Vernon: "Hey Kendall isn't that a great outfit?"
Kendall: "Good Evening"

Kendall: "Hey do you want to hit the clubs tonight?"
Larry: "Good Evening"
by KendallJordan September 22, 2007
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Orginated from an Illuminati X song called "Black Hand". Delxue, 1/3 of Illuminati X drops the following line:
"Goodevening, looking like you've seen a demon, not happy to see me, thought we had an agreement?"

When listening to this song, that line hits you, and you will understand, the meaning is basicly: sick, ill, dope etc.
(but in a mobster sort of way)
Nikola: yo have you watched Eastern Promises?

Osama: Ye, that shit was Good Evening
by Dr. Nikola April 17, 2009
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A phrase to use at anytime to confuse and greet people.
Person 1: "Hello"
Person 2: "Good Evening

Person 1: "Why TF"
by Off-Target April 26, 2019
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When you’re taking a shit and unintentionally orgasm.
I was dropping some heavy ordinance and oh oh oh, good evening Cleveland
by OGD JY October 16, 2022
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when walking home from mattys house drunk and see a policeman u have to say "well a good evening officer" and he wont think that u r drunk
policeman - "hello, and wot are u two doing talking to thatlampost"

whitey and lewis - "well a good evening officer"
by poo July 30, 2004
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1. When someone thinks it's funny to use the word "fucking" or "fuck." 2. When someone is being sarcastic.
Someone 1: Good fucking evening have a great fucking day don't forget your fucks lol. Someone 2: Wtf ? or Someone 1: Good fucking evening >.> Someone 2: Are you being sarcastic? Someone 1: No..... >.> Someone 2: Dude ._.
by Someone I guess? June 21, 2018
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