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A term used to describe an extortion racket which flourished among the Southern Italian immigrants of the United States in the early 1900's.
A reputable "villainous gang' who thrived on a system of blackmailing bankers, business owners and merchants. Letters that threatened harm, arson or murder if a sum was not paid to the mob. The letter exhibited three black crosses surmounted by a skull and crossbones, sometimes fancifully decorated with dripping blood or bullets, signed off as Mano Nera or 'Black Hand'. Successful immigrants were usually targeted, as 90% of New Yorkers were Italian immigrants.
The criminals used violence against law officials who tried to eliminate black hand/ers.
by Black bolder May 29, 2018
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A secret European mafia with ties in Italy that became the Sicilian Mafia when Europeans emigrated to the United States. The Godfather came from a Black Hand family.
by AJ from the Crest October 01, 2007
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Came from Ever Quest,it's a name for a player who's in charge of looting monster(s) after beat a boss level monster as a group and can not get good items.
"He's a black hand, he can't get item x"
by wea December 09, 2005
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