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A secret European mafia with ties in Italy that became the Sicilian Mafia when Europeans emigrated to the United States. The Godfather came from a Black Hand family.
by AJ from the Crest October 01, 2007
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by Francesco II March 20, 2021
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A term used to describe an extortion racket which flourished among the Southern Italian immigrants of the United States in the early 1900's.
A reputable "villainous gang' who thrived on a system of blackmailing bankers, business owners and merchants. Letters that threatened harm, arson or murder if a sum was not paid to the mob. The letter exhibited three black crosses surmounted by a skull and crossbones, sometimes fancifully decorated with dripping blood or bullets, signed off as Mano Nera or 'Black Hand'. Successful immigrants were usually targeted, as 90% of New Yorkers were Italian immigrants.
The criminals used violence against law officials who tried to eliminate black hand/ers.
by Black bolder April 23, 2018
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it's a pun. black mother's always back handing they child lol so let's call it a black hand. (sorry if it seem rascist it's just sterotypical)
ifyoudontputdatmothafuckinthingdownimma blackhand you😤
by loyal lulu August 09, 2020
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Smacking with the hand of a black person. It hurts twice as bad as any other ethnicity. Black handin, Black handing, black handed, black handedest are all variations.
Bitch don't make me black hand the shit out of you.

Damn! He's black handin the shit out you.

Bitch you just got black handed.

That hurt like shit. Your the black handedest motherfucker I've ever met.
via giphy
by Merly Black Hands October 30, 2019
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Came from Ever Quest,it's a name for a player who's in charge of looting monster(s) after beat a boss level monster as a group and can not get good items.
"He's a black hand, he can't get item x"
by wea December 09, 2005
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