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Originally used to describe a "stand up guy" or mensch, this term can also be used to describe things or states of being that are socially lauded or praised by the majority of society.
Person 1: Did you ever notice that being pro-LGBT rights is a good dude these days?

Person 2: Oh yeah. Being pro-LGBT rights is a VERY good dude.
by Big poppa 62353456 July 03, 2017
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Australian Expression(sarcastic)
Used to describe the Human Trash of Australian urban areas, who gather together and either lounge about attention-seeking on the back of there utes (pick-up trucks), or drive around un-necessarily slow as to gain the attention of other good dudes who are still in their utes.
Regular Person 1: We can't drive to the beach that way man.
Regular Person 2: Why not?
Regular Person 1: All the good Dudes will be out today, it will take forever!
by TheBlackList January 11, 2010
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