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a condition occuring when you have slept awkwardly and awake to find that a limb is with out feeling. Thus leaving you partly spastic. Especially the morning after a night when you get munted.
"Last night was huge, i woke up with a nasty case of saturday night palsy. I had to cheer myself up by giving myself a stranger."
by marcus_schmarcus June 22, 2006
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to use a numb hand to shelving a pill. such that it feels like a stranger is doing you that favour.

Whilst novices might sit on ones hand for a prolonged period, experienced operators would opt for a tourniquet.
when i go the good samaritan on myself, i make sure that i'm looking in the mirror, so i can give myself a wink when i'm done. I find It is also a superb opportunity to give oneself a dirty sanchez.
by marcus_schmarcus June 23, 2006
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The act of masturbating with both numb hand and penis, giving the effect of watching someone else masturbate.
The logical graduation from a reverse stranger
I was bored on sunday. So after a few drinks, i gave myself a complete stranger. Mate, it is like free gay porn.
by marcus_schmarcus June 22, 2006
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a derogatory term for a weak person, esp man. implies that one's ejaculate lacks force.
If you just stare at that girl all night, she is going to think you are an utter dribble dick.
by marcus_schmarcus June 22, 2006
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i always find it tough to cum when i give myself a total stranger, but it is always worth the effort.
by marcus_schmarcus June 22, 2006
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