The coolest person alive and is very beautiful and smart.
Have you met Samaria
by Monkey_05 September 2, 2015
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A cute ass girl who captures any guys eyes. She can be very sweet and is stunning. She’s very small with a hot body
Look at that girl shes hot af, her name must be samaria
by 123daneee February 10, 2019
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She’s a queen who shows a lot of love. However don’t get it twisted don’t play with her or you will feel the raft. Her smile literally lights up the world. She super intelligent and amazingly beautiful. Shes a lover of God. She’s short and feisty so beware. She’s spoiled too and loves to be loved the way she loves hard. She’s a hopeless romantic. She’s so amazing one definition couldn’t describe her you will need an entire book. She’s thick, funny, loves to laugh and has so much talent. People regret mistreating her and always regret their actions. Her energy and vibe is everything only when she fools with you.
If you ever meet Samaria your blessed treat her right and you will never lack love. She’s the best you will ever have.
by MizzQueenDiva November 24, 2021
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1)A small gurl.
2)Pictures are no longer sumtin 2 help u remember the past wit her, but sumtin to make you wonder wat crime she has commited
3)Going out wit her future hubby
4)Looks like a lion when sleepin
5)See attitude
"(tilts head and looks through top of glasses)No hunny!"
by D February 6, 2004
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A skinny ass girl with a smart ass mouth , she bold sl , she tell you wassup and like talking to her friends exs
Samaria is preety
by Dick odbutch August 12, 2018
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an incredibly nice girl who's been through alot. she's funny, smart, and beautiful, but really modest. she always put others before herself and is nice to everyone. shit happened to her, but she got through it. the best person in the world. If you know a Samaria hold her close and she’ll return the favor with love.
She’s so Samaria
by Unruly96 November 23, 2021
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a beautiful black Alabama raised famous professional dancer, who can be seen dancing with Justin Bieber, Beyoncé, & many more.
Samaria danced at Coachella Music Festival with Beyoncé.
by blackdictionary2021 February 25, 2021
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