The coolest person alive and is very beautiful and smart.
Have you met Samaria
by Monkey_05 September 1, 2015
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A cute ass girl who captures any guys eyes. She can be very sweet and is stunning. She’s very small with a hot body
Look at that girl shes hot af, her name must be samaria
by 123daneee February 10, 2019
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Shy, quiet girl who has been talked down on, has no pictures of her, has been called a "lame" for being her, loves harder than most Samaria means "watch mountain or a watch tower "
Watch me "Samaria"
by Kejayb May 19, 2017
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1)A small gurl.
2)Pictures are no longer sumtin 2 help u remember the past wit her, but sumtin to make you wonder wat crime she has commited
3)Going out wit her future hubby
4)Looks like a lion when sleepin
5)See attitude
"(tilts head and looks through top of glasses)No hunny!"
by D February 5, 2004
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A skinny ass girl with a smart ass mouth , she bold sl , she tell you wassup and like talking to her friends exs
Samaria is preety
by Dick odbutch August 12, 2018
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a beautiful black Alabama raised famous professional dancer, who can be seen dancing with Justin Bieber, Beyoncé, & many more.
Samaria danced at Coachella Music Festival with Beyoncé.
by blackdictionary2021 February 25, 2021
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Samaria is my daughter she is the coolest person to be around with she is so goofy and she really loves to laugh but has a ugly laugh she is so different in ever shape and form she can be a pain in the butt but you can always count on her even when you in your bag she can be in it with you too .
omg is that samaria right there .. go get me an chromebook and some headphones im in my bag !!!!
by somebody friend January 9, 2019
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