Used when someone does something really stupid. It is also used when someone, who is really slow, realizes something after a long time contemplating over it.

Can also be shortened by an abbreviated term gg.
Guy 1: Your momma so poor she has to use coupons at the 99 cent store!
Guy 2: *long pause, maybe 3 minutes*
Guy 1: Do you need me to repeat that for you?
Guy 2: OH! AHAHA nice one, I get it.
Guy 1: Wow good going dude...

Guy 1: What are you doing, you can't turn the TV on, when the remote is pointing at you.
Guy 2: Oh I didn't even realize it was pointing at me.
Guy 1: GG
by rice4lyfeinda415 March 18, 2009
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Military phrase, used to denote readiness.

'We're good to go'=we're ready for action.
Good to go, lock and load
I dont' know, but I've been told.
by Lady Chevalier June 2, 2004
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Meaning: Mission ready. Ready to proceed.
Applications: Often used in military by front line units. USMC.
MstSgt: "Squad leader! Are you good to go?"
SquadLeader: "My squad is in formation. We are good to go, Top!"
by Fizzy December 9, 2003
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Ready, prepared, 'all set'
"Are you done getting ready yet?!"
"Yep, we're good to go!"
by Nadia July 10, 2004
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1) Denotes a girl who is hot, good looking, ect.
2) Denotes a girl who is totaly ready for sex, usualy of any type.
3) Ready to go, this aspect of the word is probably from the military,and probably not from the Taco Bell commercial.
1) Person 1"Dude do you should hook up with Cindy."
Person 2"Is she good to go?"
Person 1"Yeah she's realy hot."
2) Person 2 "But dude"
Person 1 "What?"
Person 2 "Is she GOOD TO GO?"
Person 1 "Totaly."
Person 2 "SCORE!"
3) Sargent "Are you ready private?"
Private "Good to go, sir"
Sargent "And how about that Crunch Wrap Surpreme you've go there?"
Private "....Good to go...sir?"
Sargent "Alright lets move out!"
by Garrett S. January 11, 2007
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Motto 02005

Not to confuse or downplay importance in here & now.
All Good Going Forward and may Doggod not make a Jobe outta me.
by Flea Sisters February 2, 2005
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