Pretending to care about the outcome of another person's day, and giving the appearence of hoping for it to be a good outcome.
Idiot: Keep the 5 cents change.
You: Thank you, have a good day!
by Boney Malone January 19, 2012
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A Cool Common saying used buy louis and paul, that is very extrodenary!
This Can Be Randomly Said, there is also a handshake that is secret and devin will never know!!
Devin- im a retard
Louis- "Good Day Good Dollar!"
by Louis G. May 03, 2006
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After a day of amazing events, you're so high off the excitement, you feel like you've eaten a batch of special brownies without the weed.
Lydia: "Dude! Chelsea just told me she's coming back to visit me soon. Im on such a Good Day High right now!"
by Chubby Weiner October 11, 2010
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A cousin statement to the Bye Feclicia statement typically used in front of fancy company.
Look at Dennis he came out to my mansion party with his polo not matching his sperries ,Good-day Bill !
by Lifeneedslaughter May 12, 2016
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Whats it too ya
Hockey Player: Is it a good day for hay boys?
Letterkennyian: It is a good day for hay, whats it too ya?
by Mckinn0 September 18, 2013
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two good days that happen on the same day
On a good day I make about 50 dollars in tips, today I made 100 dollars in tips so today is a double good day.
by DarkColoredLight September 20, 2008
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seriously are you fucking joking right now? you really search for "have a good day"??
if your enemy say this to you, they probably hope you die in a car crash.
synonym: have a good one, have a good night..etc,..
me: why did this odd bitch tell me to "have a good day"?
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