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Can be used in comparison to the term "Bad bitch". This type of woman is independent, classy, and stylish. Key attributes include: Loyalty, respect and Sass, while her intelligence is highly diverse (a.k.a book smarts; street smarts). Doesn't snitch, and is usually down with whatever, while maintaining a reputable image. A Good bitch is complacent but smart and well liked by all, is usually bold, confident and trustworthy. Is civil and upfront, not fake and misleading, "Not afraid to say what's on her mind".
Caleb: "Man, check out that girl Niki, she is so hot yo."
Drake: "Yeahh Man, that girl a Good bitch tho. She doesn't F*ck with just any nigga."
Caleb: "Ahh is she stiff??"
Drake: " Nahhh yo, shes chill and fun; just a real Good person too"
by levels of bitches November 16, 2013
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A girl or woman that is generally well-received with others, loyal, or says/does cool things. The female equivalent of a "Good Cunt".

Mostly used as a casual term of endearment between girls, to establish friendship and sociability. However if a guy says it, the girl will usually assume he is being disrespectful and become offended.

It can also be shortened to "G.B" if someone is too afraid to say "bitch" out loud.
Girl 1: (picks up something her friend dropped)
Girl 2: haha good bitch
Girl 1: aw you're welcome!

Guy: Hey honey I'm busy, could you please grab me a beer?
Girl: (gets can of beer, gives can)
Guy: Thanks babe, good bitch haha.
by sahboh11 November 30, 2011
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a person (girl) that is a total bitch , and knows about that .

But wont hang out with you , not to ruin your life because of her character,

She let you live a good and happy life .
John: Dude how is your gf ?
Jack: We broke up, but she's a good bitch !
by Que Pasa Mufasa ? October 30, 2015
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A word to describe something that is totally awesome and cool
Mike: have you seen that movie?
Rick: Yeah, I've seen it, that movie is good bitch
by Sharkdog May 5, 2004
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1) Referring to someone who does or says something in a submissive, compliant way to ease to other person.
2)Doing something particularily out of your way or standards for someone.
3)Just being plain nice, but get misinterpreted as being a good bitch.
--Used most often in a comedic and friendly mannor with a group of friends. Sometimes followed by an abrupt "OOOH" after it.
Could be used as deragatory phrase against someone. Or just between two people in a conversation.

"Good bitch" Coined by Seerap- RIP 9/25/06
Examples of "Good Bitch"

1) Friend #1-"Hey I dropped my phone, get it."
Friend #2-"Okay.. Here, it looks fine, the battery just fell out"
2)"You should probably stop doing that, because it just makes you look like a good bitch."
3)"Don't be a good bitch and let him tell you what to do."
4)"Babe, are you going to that party tonight, while I stay home and study?"
"No, it's okay, I'm just going to stay home too."
by Mona R August 13, 2007
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This is when you are doing a chick doggie style. When you are about to finish, pull out an cum into your hand. Then, reach around and give her a "treat." While she enjoys her "treat" (or not) let her know she was a "gooood bitch!"
"Im gonna cum babe....yeeeeeaaaaaah."
"Good honey"
"Here ya go! Goooood Bitch! Good bitch!"
The Good Bitch
by the masterson April 29, 2009
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