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Often an action to express extreme emotion by swiftly crouching and thrusting your hands towards the area between your genitals and anus and screeching loudly while tickling your "Gooch".
by Rock and Racer Gooch September 02, 2004
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While in painting class in high school, Billy Corgan, future singer of the Smashing Pumpkins decided to create a machine that would paint pictures while Billy would play with his gooch in the other room. Billy then tripped on his way to the toilet and landed gooch first on his paint brush tipped machine. Billy found delightfully that he would devote his life to promoting his miracle machine which he deemed his "gooch Tickler". In a freak male lactation accident, Billy accidentally broke his machine and was unable to remake it effectively. He then took to his fifth love, music.
Billy spoke of his gooch tickler to a confused crowd.
by Dr. Edward Scrotalporn May 18, 2011
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