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adjective (New Zealand)

No longer present; departed. To just stop whatever you are doing, drop everything, and go on a massive adventure.

synonyms: away, absent, off, out, not present, non-attending, truant, missing, lacking, unavailable, AWOL!
"no way, none of use even saw it coming... one minute he was here, the next minute he was goneski!"
by cannonball! September 03, 2016
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Gone. But with ski on the end. Both words are pronounced as they would be normally, but joined together.
XFire is goneski Pencil, what shall I do?
by LegoNerd February 16, 2006
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It's an Australian slang that means one loses everything and loses really bad. Completely fucked up, diminished to nothing. Not relevant at all no more. Simply just gone to absolute dogshit.
"There's a golden rule in Australia politics. If you are not winning the support in outer suburban and hinterland electorate, you are goneskie, you are not gonna win anything, in terms of general election."
by politiques July 30, 2018
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