Nickname for A person with extremely long blonde hair.
Jake : Hey there Goldie Locks how bout you make my dick hard so I can fuck your soft pussy!
Kiersten : Would you like for me to suck it or rub it vigorously?
Jake : I would like for you to rub your soft hair on it please!
Kiersten : Oh yeah that always makes you hard don't it big boy!
Chad : Hey why don't you two quit talkin stupid and get back to work!
Kiersten : Why we used to do it!
Chad : Who cares I'm the boss you little BITCH!
Kiersten : Fuck you and your small penis too!
by SlopNChop May 23, 2017
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When you eat a lot of corn and the next day you poop, theres a bunch of corn in it. When you poop a huge log of poo it looks like its a lock of brown poo with yellow specks.
Guy walks out of bathroom with a smile on his face.
Guy 2: What are you so happy about?
Guy: I just shat out a HUGE goldy lock
by IWOVECATS January 26, 2011
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Is when this fine girl with blonde hair gets u all twisted up in the game and makes u want to be with her 24/7
A.C.A. You Know!
She's my goldie Lockes
by Yo Boyee or wanna be ;-) July 29, 2004
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a dirogetory phrase to call a boy or man meaning whimpy or pussy
"dawg your such a goldy locks somtimes"
by John doey October 3, 2007
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Bears turn my girlfriend on--but watching videos of overweight men with beards having sex doesn't really put me in the mood--who knew she was a goldie locks!
by Josh Noble November 30, 2007
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Two fingers and a thumb….
That’s a good goldy locks grip you got there.
by Popemedic December 16, 2021
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Just like Goldie Locks, you have picked the perfectly right option of your desires. Whether your preference be dating, in a relationship or simply the talking stage, it is the perfect situation you and your partner are currently in. This is Goldie Locks Zone.

Included for men and women of all ages and of all stages in a relationship. This is where you and your partner feel the most joyful and satisficed at their stage of the relationship.
Justin: So Ryan, are you and Jessica a thing now?
Ryan: Bro. We are in the Goldie Locks Zone. We are both perfectly happy in where we are in our relationship.
by e56r6678 October 3, 2022
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