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Nickname for A person with extremely long blonde hair.
Jake : Hey there Goldie Locks how bout you make my dick hard so I can fuck your soft pussy!
Kiersten : Would you like for me to suck it or rub it vigorously?
Jake : I would like for you to rub your soft hair on it please!
Kiersten : Oh yeah that always makes you hard don't it big boy!
Chad : Hey why don't you two quit talkin stupid and get back to work!
Kiersten : Why we used to do it!
Chad : Who cares I'm the boss you little BITCH!
Kiersten : Fuck you and your small penis too!
by SlopNChop May 23, 2017
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When you eat a lot of corn and the next day you poop, theres a bunch of corn in it. When you poop a huge log of poo it looks like its a lock of brown poo with yellow specks.
Guy walks out of bathroom with a smile on his face.
Guy 2: What are you so happy about?
Guy: I just shat out a HUGE goldy lock
by IWOVECATS January 26, 2011
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Is when this fine girl with blonde hair gets u all twisted up in the game and makes u want to be with her 24/7
A.C.A. You Know!
She's my goldie Lockes
by Yo Boyee or wanna be ;-) July 29, 2004
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a dirogetory phrase to call a boy or man meaning whimpy or pussy
"dawg your such a goldy locks somtimes"
by John doey October 3, 2007
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Bears turn my girlfriend on--but watching videos of overweight men with beards having sex doesn't really put me in the mood--who knew she was a goldie locks!
by Josh Noble November 30, 2007
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