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The best band in the whole world. This Trip Hop / Electronica bouquet of moog beats and screaming orgasms, put all things into perspective.

I hope they release another album in 2005, I just got the DVD 'Wonderful Electric' Alison is amazing singing live!!!!!!!
For reference of works seek:

Felt Mountain
Black Cherry

10 / 10
by Apricot-sunrise January 08, 2005
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Simply the best laid back trip hop band in the world, now have gone darker and more sinister and to some extent more pop-y. Listen to Felt Mountain and you'll never go back, biatch
Hey are Goldfrapp miming?
No! They're just fuckin good!
by gooby goo October 23, 2003
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Goldfrapp are single handedly the greatest band ever to exist, period. their debut album "Felt Mountain" was an emotional rolercoaster of love, hate and fear, their latest album "Black Cherry" is a sex charged anthem of lust and desire and oh yes they are fronted by the most desirable woman alive Alison Goldfrapp.....(Drools).
Guy:"Am i in heaven?
Me:"No fool, you are listening to goldfrapp!"
Guy:"Are you sure...this feels so good."
Me:"Thats because this music Fuckin Rules!"
Guy:"...I think you are right."
by Andy Limb November 20, 2004
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Noun. An act of beastliness or onanism undertaken while wearing a prophylactic sheath; to indulge oneself by means of a 'wank' while sporting a 'rubber johnny'; a 'posh wank'.
I couldn't find a clean sock last night, so I had a lovely slow goldfrapp over Hannah Montana instead.
by Just_Tom November 16, 2009
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The rolls of fat on a torso which indicate that the person likes to eat too much. The polite way of raising this with a friend without the fat person becoming aware. Can be defined as upper (above the bra strap), lower (above the belt) or mid (the rarest: between the 2 rolls, commonly appears with upper) Gold Frapp.
Sarah: Omg, check out the mid Gold Frapp!
Wendy: You're not kidding!
by Brever July 11, 2010
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