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When someone is so fucked up, they head in one direction with a goal in mind but half-way there, forget that goal and wander off in a random direction with or without another goal in mind. Term comes from goldfish in an aquarium acting the same way due to their seconds-long memory.
He was so fucked up on mushrooms, he spent the whole night goldfishing around his apartment and never made it out to meet us.

We wasted a few hours goldfishing around camp before we even realized that we missed the burn.
by DJJD2000 August 09, 2009
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Similar to catfishing, where a fake person is created to lure people in, goldfishing is when someone fakes being wealthy in order to find romantic partners.
This is especially true of middle-aged men, who use expensive leased cars to hopefully find a 20-something gold digger.
Basically the reason anyone would do this is because they're too insecure in their own socioeconomic standing, and feel the need to act like someone they're not.
Kevin's really in deep- he started goldfishing this sorority girl but now he's having to juggle buying expensive gifts and coupon-cutting at the grocery store.
by jtornado October 25, 2015
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The act of "gold fishing" is define as, when a person who has just pour water containing one more "Gold Fish" in ones anus and removes them by anal insertion of some kind.
"Hey why is my floor wet ?"

"Sorry,I was Gold Fishing"
by pseudonym_Liqour October 10, 2016
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When a man masturbates, ejaculates skyward, and then attempts to catch his own airborne gob of semen in his mouth. This act is known as goldfishing for the manner in which a goldfish patiently awaits his feeding while swimming vertically, mouth ajar. Men who goldfish tend to be unpleasant, lonely, and simple human beings.
Man 1: Look at that hipster asshole slumped over drinking alone in the corner.

Man 2: Yeah, he definitely spends hours goldfishing.
by fishspotter January 16, 2012
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A common occurrence at rock and hardcore shows where an audience member will attempt to mouth along to the song being played but having no idea what the words are. They will often simply open and close their lips in a manner similar to a goldfish.
Dan wanted to impress people at the Terror show, but was goldfishing everytime Scott held out the microphone.
by damnj November 22, 2014
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Used when you're forgetting something or have forgotten something. In reference to goldfishes' short/nonexistent memory.
Michael Jackson is dead, seriously? Oh...sorry, goldfishing.
by KousukeShou January 24, 2011
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