being bored very easily as well as being easily amused; anything will catch your attention, so you loose your train of thought, that and you have the attention span of a goldfish
classic Goldfish Syndrome:
hi i'm sam. do you like my bowl? oh look sea puff!
hi i'm sam do you like my bowl? oh look a sea puff!

hey, do you like - oooooo shiny!
by frequentGFS October 12, 2009
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very bad short term memory, 10 second memory, like a goldfish
example one:
person 1: arent you grounded?
person 2: i was but my mom forgot. she has goldfish syndrome

example two:
person 1: i told you never to say that again!
person 2: sorry i forgot
person 1: bullshit you dont have goldfish syndrome!
by blmnkychck April 16, 2007
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The Elephant Goldfish Syndrome is a horrific syndrom that only affects women. The first typical symptom is short-term memory in terms of trips, nice gestures and presents from close relatives, especially the husband. The second symptom is the extremely long-term memory regarding moments when another person has either betrayed or let the women down, this will never be forgotten by the women.
I gave her a trip to NYC last week and now she tells me I never give her presents, I think she's affected by the Elephant Goldfish Syndrome.
by NewValley January 17, 2018
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