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A person of exceptional kindness, tollerance and patience, who has an endless supply of viola jokes. A violin teacher should be an excellent violinist, but due to a lack of confidence, glut of personal problems, or a misguided view of the profession they will subject themself to the squeeks and poor intonation of violin pupils.
If the violin teacher carries on for many years, they may be allowed to teach more advanced pupils. This is considerably easier on the ears. More advanced pupils may be destined for the teaching profession and therefore are likely to be emotionally unstable. A violin teacher can help pupils avoid the same pitfalls that beset them and their colleagues, thus making a difference to the lives of many.
Early signs that you may become a violin teacher include and sort of life trauma that has a lasting effect, combined with a talent for violin playing.
Violin teacher: Hello X how has your violin playing been going this week?
Violin pupil: Erm, well, to be honest....
Violin teacher: Have you played it at all this week?
Violin pupil: sniff...sniff...No, my dog died.
Violin teacher: Oh X, that's really sad. (there follows an outpouring from the pupil followed by a cheery: Shall we compose a piece about your dog?
Violin pupil: I dunno, my mum said my playing sounded like a cat was dying...bursts into tears...
by su_perb_violinist June 28, 2010
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