A simple-minded...... DUMBASS.
Commonly found of space crafts 3 million years in the future.
"Lister, You complete and utter goit!"
by LuM January 19, 2004
A goit is a synonym for the female genitalia, otherwise known as: vagina, pussy, fanny etc.
'Her goit is ape dude"
'Her goit is baggy"
'Suck your mums goit"
by dbol111 February 11, 2017
somone who smells like like they havn't washed in months
guy1: hay did you smell that guy as he walked pass

guy 2: yea he was a goit
by dudeguy325 October 17, 2010
chip is a goit
by botaf November 11, 2003
An extremely foolish and useless person. One who has no common-sense or ability whatsoever.

A variant of git.
You sir, are a bloody goit!
by Jeremy Riley October 29, 2003
Any nobs of the world, basically anyone who is jiving you.
Hols-wanker-y Community Centre for Knob-jockeys are capital goites.
by Cookie October 1, 2003