A simple-minded...... DUMBASS.
Commonly found of space crafts 3 million years in the future.
"Lister, You complete and utter goit!"
by LuM January 19, 2004
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A goit is a synonym for the female genitalia, otherwise known as: vagina, pussy, fanny etc.
'Her goit is ape dude"
'Her goit is baggy"
'Suck your mums goit"
by dbol111 February 10, 2017
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somone who smells like like they havn't washed in months
guy1: hay did you smell that guy as he walked pass

guy 2: yea he was a goit
by dudeguy325 October 17, 2010
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An extremely foolish and useless person. One who has no common-sense or ability whatsoever.

A variant of git.
You sir, are a bloody goit!
by Jeremy Riley October 28, 2003
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Any nobs of the world, basically anyone who is jiving you.
Hols-wanker-y Community Centre for Knob-jockeys are capital goites.
by Cookie October 01, 2003
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