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One who is quite like Brian but is not completely on the same scale. Often considered as a bad form of Brian.

Sometimes spelled Bayium.
"Stfu, Bayim!"
by LuM February 22, 2003
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Shut the UP fuck!

STUF © 2003 Fuzzed, Ltd. Imperial Operatives and TheLoneRanger, All Rights Reserved. Unauthorized use of this word is strictly prohibited. Go ahead. Use it. We dare you.
<TheLoneRanger> I really do like kitties, though.
<Lum> Um, stuf?
by LuM February 22, 2003
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A simple-minded...... DUMBASS.
Commonly found of space crafts 3 million years in the future.
"Lister, You complete and utter goit!"
by LuM January 19, 2004
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