When two people willingly participate in a fist fight, be they friends or enemies. A third person counts to thirty (30), hence the name, and after that time the fight is over. The counter or other bystanders judge who the "winner" was (usually who got the most hits).
Man, did you see Roger and Will go 30? It was crazy!
by Violent J September 21, 2007
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When you finna throw hands with someone for 30 secs
"Nigga im Finna Go 30 with Chance"
by Ahahaツ November 21, 2019
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Going dumb. Going crazy. turnt up

Almost 100% sure it's a reference to Stephen Curry's jersey and a 30 round clip. Both of them are things that pop-off.
Jason talking about how he and his friends had fun at a party the night before,"We had that bitch Going 30"
by Houston4lyfe March 12, 2017
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when you are about to throw fist.
" i swear if i see her we are going 30 "
by mnosida July 8, 2017
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A movie starring Jennifer Garner who is so hot and sexy it hurts.
Did you see "13 Going On 30?" Normally I don't see chick flicks but Jennifer Garner is so hot.
by powersauce November 11, 2006
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