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A popular song by singer Rick Astley from 1988 that became a viral meme sensation during the early days of YouTube to trick people.
Person 1: "yo wanna hear Darude sandstorm?"

Person 2: "Sure"

Person 1: "Heres the link"

Person 2: "...Wait? isnt this Never Gonna Give You Up by Rick Astley?"
by Supreme Boss July 29, 2020
A segregationist who signed a 1994 crime bill that enslaved black people for minor offences and also voted for segregated busing, but still gets black peoples votes anyway without them even knowing about his past. Because they still think trump is the more racist one somehow.
Person 1: Why hasn't Joe Biden talked to BLM in so many days?

Person 2: LOL he used you for your vote, dumbass.
by Supreme Boss January 16, 2021
by Supreme Boss January 18, 2021
A day where disguised trump supporters decided to raid the capitol to make actual trump supporters look bad.
Person 1: Trump supporters raided the capitol!! how could they do this!!

Person 2: They weren't actual trump supporters, many of them were liberals and antifa on jan 6th 2021.

Person 1: No!! they were trump supporters!! CNN said so!!!
by Supreme Boss January 16, 2021
People who don't do their research and listen to mainstream biased media because they can't think for themselves.

Person with common sense: "You realize biden voted for segregation, right? trump has done so much for minorities. He signed the platinum plan so how is he racist?"

Biden supporters: "Orange Man Bad!!!"
by Supreme Boss January 16, 2021
Stupid people who think that a segregationist is gonna help this country, just because orange man bad.
Person 1: "You do realize that biden signed the 1994 crime bill that enslaved black people for minor offences? he also voted for segregated busing."

Person 2: "We are biden supporters we dont use common sense!!!"
by Supreme Boss January 16, 2021