A music that was originated by chuck brown in the late 1960's in Washington D.C. that gets its name "gogo" because the music beat never stops but keeps going and songs are transitioned into one another without ever stopping the beat. Very popular, neighborhood oriented music in D.C. and its metro area with nearly 200 bands playing regularly. Music is played live on a variety of instruments. Most important instruments include the congos, timbales/roto-toms, drums, cowbell, keyboards, bass and lead guitar.
Chuck Brown, Rare Essence, Junkyard Band, Northeast Groovers, Backyard Band, Hot Cold Sweat Band are some of the greatest gogo bands ever
by Reuben December 15, 2004
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In my opinion the best music thats isnt really mainstream.I mean you have people who know about and people who dont and badmouth it.It uses so many instruments depending on the song.Pacman poppin by TCB for example mainly uses song effects and drums in the background,its a good gogo song but it certainly shouldnt be used as a prime example of gogo music as a whole like maybe 98 dopejam by BYB should.In a gogo song there maybe rappin, talkin, shoutouts, or they let the beat ride out.In a gogo song for the most part they shout out hoods in the metro area such as Sursum Cordas, 36 & Minnesota,Trinidad ave, 31-31, KDY, etc and local gangs such as Superstar honnies, X-rated honnies, or Most wanted honnies.I love gogo to death and byb tcb ucb raw image and rare essence, ccb, familiar faces, fatal attraction, and MOB are my favorite bands.If you want to purchase gogo cds go to either papalace.com or gogocds.4t.com or if you live in the metro area go to Kemp Mill music in Marlow Heights near where I stay at to get them.UD I dont mean to advertise for these businesses because I dont work for either im just informing people where to buy cds in case they are interested.Also if you stay near DC and you read this you know why my name on here is what it is.
TCB ,Mike Jones, and Paul Wall performed at the DC Tunnel and at Club Levels this weekend so you know gogo brings in bank around here if swishahouse niggas gettin involved cause they aint cheap.
by zxulu tha big lip bandit March 29, 2005
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Gogo is fast pace, in your face washington d.c. metro area music most likely created by the proclaim "Godfather of Gogo" chuck brown. It consist of bands old and new. A more old school band, EU appeared in spike lee's school daze. but their is a new breed Backyard, TCB, UCB, CCB, MDB, MOB, and many more. They shout out many hoods in the area such as surrattsville high, kentland, forrest creek, and other dangerous neighborhoods. Many local gangs the baddest is the Breed Boyz consist of X, Ed lover, and the MDB Band.
Gogo music for your soul.
by POLO OF TCB April 1, 2006
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GoGoRadio is a 24-hour online radio station dedicated to Go-Go music and its listeners. GoGoRadio originates from the home of Go-Go music, Washington D.C. Go-Go music continues to be a preferred source of entertainment for thousands of Washington metropolitan area residents. This station is dedicated to satisfying its deep-rooted fan base.
DC GoGo Music. The only 24/7 gogoradio station.

by lcade October 22, 2006
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Doha's lover. They live happily ever after with all their many children. AKa all their Diyas. Gogo is Doha's forever husband. Ooways can gets jealous of Gogo
So Diya... GOGO huh?
by Mr C June 26, 2018
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Michael wants to be gogo because he is a loser who has no friends.
by Michael December 14, 2003
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To go or do something in an exaggerated way. If you gogo somewhere you do it extravagantly and or obnoxiously.
Ex.Honey Booboo gogo juice makes her gogo.
“I need to gogo to the Walmart, but after that we can gogo on a walk together.” I said to my cat.
by SQuiet February 21, 2020
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