Chao Chee Bye - means smelly vagina in singaporean. Commonly placed in singlish sentences, especially in video games where both English and Singaporean cultures play together...

an extension of CB - chee bye which is vagina...
you so ccb la - you are such a smelly vagina
by XxFranZxX April 23, 2008
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stands for 'cool conversation bro'. used to denote poor conversating
'i like turtles'
by ccbcccb December 26, 2013
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(N.) CCB - "Cracker Chasing Bitch"
An acronym used to designate those women (usually of the asian persuasion) who prefer to choose caucasian males and/or females as sexual/relationship partners.
Daaaamn fool, look at them gold-diggin' ccb's, all up on that cracka's nuts like cheese on pizza.
by BC July 20, 2004
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Concise Caucasian butthole . Opposite of BBC(big black cock)
by GotThatCCB November 17, 2021
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New Slang
Community Cum Bucket-CCB is refering to a slut, or whore
A girl who has sex with the majority of a community.
After having sex with him, rumours spread of me being the next CCB
by NinjaFridgeDog November 24, 2010
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An acronym to describe the art of candy covered oral sex. Stands for Candy Covered Bop. Candy used is usually some form of sunday topping (Hershey's Chocolate Sauce)
Bro 1: Yo bro, I heard Jess gave you that CCB?!
Bro 2: Hell yeah, man, I got my D wet with chocolate sauce!
by CCBmaster August 29, 2009
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