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After consuming your food and realizing you’ve spent way to much on DoorDash you are now aware of the money you just wasted. Similar to post nut clarity.
Person A : “Bro I just got some Hardee’s delivered to my door but damn this is gonna hurt my bank.”
Persona B: “Ahhh I see that post dash clarity is setting in.”
by SQuiet July 15, 2021
To get a kick out of (someone or something) means to get a sense of enjoyment, amusement, or excitement from someone or something which is wrong, or obscene.
"Is this how you get your sick kicks?" (Some fish in Spongebob)
by SQuiet March 7, 2020
To go or do something in an exaggerated way. If you gogo somewhere you do it extravagantly and or obnoxiously.
Ex.Honey Booboo gogo juice makes her gogo.
“I need to gogo to the Walmart, but after that we can gogo on a walk together.” I said to my cat.
by SQuiet February 21, 2020
This usually stems from a lack of artistic ability or knowledge on how to draw deviations from the normal human face.
An artist who has Same Face Syndrome repeatedly draws the same face on every character they draw which is usually their own preconceived idea of what the golden ratio is.
"Black desert online has a serious case of same face syndrome, that's why I don't play it."
"What are you talking about, everyone looks different."
"Bitch no, you don't think! No wonder you draw the same face on every character."
by SQuiet March 9, 2020
Beebops are damn good ass music that you like to jam too.
“I love listen to some good beebops when I go on a walk.”
by SQuiet April 6, 2020
An older or elderly person, or someone younger who resembles or has the traits of an older/elderly person in thinking, actions, or demeanor yet desperately tries to fit in with the younger crowd by adopting their slang and or actions.
Old fogies think they are hip and in the know, which makes them out of know because once they get their hands on an element of pop culture they kill it.

Which is the reason why memes suffer and die of old age. Some memes on the other
"Them old fogies need to pop out of here before they get toasted by all the nonsense and straight fire coming out of the young poppin' whippersnappers".
by SQuiet April 23, 2020
Smoke and mirrors, hocus pocus. Yes you’ve heard of it, witchcrap. Pure sh to the it and not in the good way. People that do witchcrap think they have special powers or privileges but they are sacrificing their life and sanity for fleeting pleasures.
“Yo that fool thinks witchcrap cool just wait till he learns he ain’t ever getting a wink at night.” -Tom
Straight dog.”-Ben
by SQuiet October 10, 2021