1. A canadian televison show about bad kids.
2. A higher , better, clearer state of mind.
" Hey, did you watch Higher Ground last night ? Scott's story is so sad."
or " Look, im really trying to get to higher ground right now."
by Jala La June 30, 2005
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A state of mind of better and clearer intelligence or/and wisdom that allows people do or/and think quicker and more sensibly.
Barbara: Susan, why did Laura volunteer for community service?
Susan: Because, she approached higher ground after listening Michael's thought on human geography and psychology stuff that I can't explain well.
by Lighter_Waterfalls April 4, 2020
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*Plays quarter notes in 4/4 on a guitar: E E G A*
"Wow look how easy that was to play. Higher Ground isn't too hard to play on guitar."
"Yea imagine how embarrassing it would be if you learned guitar for 4 years and you couldn't play 3 open string notes in quarters. Thank God that I, a decent human being who respects everyone's effort and money poured into me, can do something this easy."
by rivsaj123 ahahahahahahaha October 27, 2017
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