Surprisingly out of this realm of such sorts.
Kid friendly way with a 80s twist of say no fucking way .... shut the front door

Or a good shag ...

Fraggle Rock an epic 80s TV show you never know what will happen down in fraggle rock
Well Fraggle my rock you don't say. (Mind blown)

After a good shag- you fraggled my rock
by jinxjax January 9, 2020
When a girl claims her man is firm and muscular but in reality hes a squirmy little bitch.
Todd: Youre boyfriends so weak!
Ellie: Nu uh! Hes my rock!
by Vanman99 September 27, 2016
To have an orgasm. The word 'rocks' can be compared to the testicles of the male, but the phrase also applies to females. See also bust a nut.
Man, that girl really gets my rocks off.
by Philip Gibbons October 22, 2004
The first thing i had to do was finger myself and get my rocks off before i got any more stressed
by Anonymous June 16, 2002
basically sock my cock. aka suck my rock solid cock = rock
Tommy: you’re a bitch, you can’t do the split on the dick
Temi: shut up! you don’t know what I can can suck my rock
by liv ryan yuhhh May 17, 2018