Group of young Christians (usually born-agains) who act as a single entity in all things. If one wants to join a soccer team, for example, they all must. If one wants to go to the mall and hang out, they all must.

Members of the God Squad are, as all rampant Christians tend to be, pious and condescending, and will "quote scripture" at you, at the drop of a hat (or f-bomb). Being young, and "God's children" they are very sweet and nice, as long as you are white, straight, and believe in God. Otherwise you're burnin' in hell.
At social event:
Chap one: "Bloody hell! She's cute! I'm going in!"
Chap two: "Wait, my amorous friend, and stay your hand. Your worthy attempts at love will be fruitless, for she is in the God Squad!"

At soccer field:
Chap one: "I'm open! Pass the ball! Pass!! SHIT!!!"
God Squad member: "You're a poopy mouth. I shun you!"

At bar after the game:
Chap one: "Where's _____? Why doesn't she hang out with us?"
Chap two: "She's over in the non smoking section with the rest of the God Squad. They don't want to sit with us because we swear, smoke, and drink, and find everything we do offensive."
Chap one: "Ah. Fuck that, then."
by Gaz Edmunds September 11, 2006
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Derisive name given to various religeous organisations that aggressively and proactively campaign for new members to spread their faith.
Don't answer the door. The God Squad is out there.
by 1Spectre4U October 21, 2003
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1. Group of church goers that comes into a restaurant around 1 and 3pm.
The god squad will be out of church soon be prepared for the rush.
by monalefae August 29, 2010
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The crew you always wanted to be a part of because even though they straight edge af, they seem to be having nothing but the best time all the frikken time. They may sing kum bay ya but they sing it with harmonies so it's all good.

They will stick up for the little guys, will smile at the big ones. The God Squad girls are always 10s, the dudes 7s.
Who's that group over on the grass?
oh, that's the God Squad.
"Who's that girl?"

"bro don't even try, she's in the God Squad"
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Group of slutty and rude girls who think they are so good, that the teachers at school treat them with more respect than they would treat God himself (hence the name) Shitty, arrogant and snobby, they spend their time sucking the dicks of bad musicians, musicians as equally rude and as arrogant as they are. They think they are movie stars and celebrities and behave accordingly. Avoid if you can.
They travel in packs of 4, with three clones and an outsider they never really liked anyway.
by It's Anthony April 18, 2004
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group of girls in the hamptons that stalk Evil Jeff and refuse to date B-Ray. they enjoy taking dirty pictures of themselves and annoying the crap out of everyone around them.
"Yo aim at the God Squad"
"did you see that, i hit the bitch in the face with a huge spitball"
by wannabe gangsta foshizzle January 25, 2005
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"christians" that only hang out with other christians and make fun of people that are not christian. they are also best friends with jesus, but you can't be, only they can be. oh yeah, they're better than you at everything, especially life.
That dude that sits in the front of class with his bible proudly displayed on his desk, who won't give you the time of day unless your a known christian, and even then he acts like hes more righteous than you. He won't tell anybody about jesus because its a secret club that only he should be a part of.
by golden shower taker March 21, 2005
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