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A God Pussy is a term originating from the popular online subreddit /r/GodPussy. It was created by the Syber Pussy Network as a word used to describe a woman with an exceptional and nearly perfect pussy.

Per the Sub Reddit's definition, there are many different types of God Pussies. The sub reddit typically refers to the hairless "Innie" style pussy however other types of pussies are able to classify as a God Pussy.

Key Traits Of A God Pussy

- Hairless
- Tight

- Pink
- Minimal to no signs of wear and tear
- Cleanliness
"Hey John, I heard you banged Alyssa last night. How was it?"

"Dude it was amazing, her pussy was perfect. A true God Pussy for sure"
by Richard Plinkman January 18, 2019
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