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Leader of the Fraggles back in the 80's. if you know someone who is a great leader and cool under pressure call them gobo
Hey gobo, thanks for keeping the team together
by misscookie February 03, 2010
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Gobos is anything that you need a name for at that moment, more often than not you will want someone to check them out
Guy one: Hey dude! Check out my Gobos!

Guy two: Those are the best Gobos ever!

Guy one: Thanks, I made them out of wood glue and Easy Mac =0
by GarrettTterrag August 11, 2006
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A circular object, usually steel, that has a pattern or shape cut out and is used in lights to manipulate how it looks. This can be to make it shapes like arrows or a window, or to give it a texture.
"Go put that foliage breakup gobo in the 3rd stage right ellipsoidal."
by DanDan TechieMan April 01, 2009
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of or relating to the go-bo monkey, specifically its natural tendencies to be extremely lazy. Also having moments or spurts of energy when there is social communing, similar to the gobo monkey (a very social creature).
Chris S., you are so freaking go-bo today!

Man, I'm feeling really go-bo. I think I will lounge around on this couch and drift in and out of consciousness all day.

man1: (speaking to Chris S.) Chill out go-bo! You are about to lose your mind with all of your hustling.
man2: Dude, I'm always hustling. I have to coordinate the cab for tonight's party!
by The GoBo expert, Chris Sever February 11, 2009
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A Gobo, derived from the phrase "girl hobo", is used to describe a female who is bumming it out in sweats, or in other words, looks homeless. It could also refer to a girl who lives in a cardboard box.
"Guys, I'm such a Gobo today."
"Two Gobos, one cardboard box"
by TheGoboLyfe October 11, 2013
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Acronym for General Overall Body Odor.
Wow, she is hot as hell, but I'll have to get past her wicked stinchy gobo.
by JohnB058 March 15, 2010
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go + hobo. A homeless person who travels, primarily hitch-hikes from city to city. Can be spotted in several different cities periodically, asking for cash or free rides. Occasionally they have an ultimate destination.
Jim: Hey, isn't that the hobo we saw back in Vegas?
Frank: Yeah, if he's so poor, how'd he get all the way here to Reno?
Jim: He's a gobo.
by Glomwill February 09, 2008
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