Goblin Mode is done during sex, when you are having intercourse, you thrust faster while making cackling noises (laughing like a witch), then when your close to finishing, you pull out then jump and run around like a goblin while jizzing everywhere (while cackling like a witch).
God my husband went Goblin-Mode last night!
by RumpleShnopskins October 9, 2023
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When your playing games and go into a state of crazy focus and just destroy everyone and everything. You become a god.
Dude whitney totally went goblin mode when we played games last night it was crazy
by Wolfmanreece July 7, 2024
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When a animal acts funny or attacks someone for no reason
Speaker1: yo do you see that cat?
Speaker2: yeah man it’s going goblin mode
by UpstartHare3268 May 23, 2023
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