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To adopt an environmentally friendly lifestyle by recycling, buying local, reusing, minimizing driving, etc.

Also, designing a development or construction project to meet high environmental standards.
After watching that documentary, Sandra decided to go green and start carpooling to work.

Developers in the area are being given incentives to go green with their buildings.
by jerums July 19, 2008
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An American person who has sex with someone who has gotten a "green card" or is new to the country.
I was not going to date Pedro... but then I decided to GoGreen snd let him have a chance in America.
by DaddyAZ September 12, 2008
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to succumb to violent rage. Similar to hulk out or go aggro.
"Man, I hate it when people steal my parking spot!"
"Go green! You'll feel so much better!"
by CSteel December 07, 2004
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When one saves fossil fuels by masturbating at home rather than paying a woman to drive all the way over for sex.
Q: Are you still paying that woman to drive over to your home and have sex with you?

A: No. I have decided to turn over a new leaf and go green.
by crudhammer May 25, 2012
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When you recycle a past girlfriend, lover, jumpoff or sexual partner into your current rotation.
I about to go green with this chick from high school on facebook.
by Wartime Consigliere March 17, 2010
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