To adopt an environmentally friendly lifestyle by recycling, buying local, reusing, minimizing driving, etc.

Also, designing a development or construction project to meet high environmental standards.
After watching that documentary, Sandra decided to go green and start carpooling to work.

Developers in the area are being given incentives to go green with their buildings.
by jerums July 20, 2008
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When some absolute cabbage smokes too much and ends up passing out in their own puke
Eg. Abe
Tom: Give us a blow of that joint man
Tim: Fuck that man last time you smoked you ended up spewing in the bathrooms for our graduation cerimony
Tom: Ahh man come on
Tim: And remember when you passed out in the forest with your ghost looking ass
Tim: You're just going to end up Going Green
by Cyanarion February 11, 2018
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When you help the environment and recycle. 1 person can make a difference and don't be afraid to take the bus,because with a bus full of people, it helps by not spreading 18,500 gallons of gas.You can also walk, because study show that when you walk a mile you add 21 minutes to your life.
Did you see that she is going green because she helped plant a tree.
by I K March 16, 2009
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Gary: "Yo we gonna go green tonight?"
Marcus: "Hell yeah im rollin up a joint now"
by noyoudontknow June 19, 2009
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the process of "recycling" people you've already slept with in order to not add to your current number of people you've slept with.
I really don't want to add to the number of guys I've slept with so I think I'm going green and sleeping with Bobby again.
by AZN & ROMONSTER December 10, 2009
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going green is when all the green vegetables absolutely fuck the shit out of you. cucumbers shoot out of your pussy like a rocket launcher and watermelons shoot out of there like a fortnite grenade launcher. that shits insane. then, a watermelon grows in your stomach for 40 FUCKIN YEARS. FORTY MOTHAFUCKA
tyler- me and my girl are going green tonight
john- sick man im going green with my girl too
by little tickler February 14, 2022
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"Turning trash into treasure"

Hooking up with exes, going back to old flings
Are you going green tonight or are you gettin some fresh prduct?
by lohoandamyvee November 28, 2009
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