"ground and pound". Used in mixed martial arts competitions (e.g. ultimate fighting or Pride). Refers to getting top position when the fight goes to the ground and striking to end the fight as opposed to using a submission.

Often one is not attempting to "pass" the opponents legs and get to side position or the full mount (sitting on chest).
Tito Ortiz, Mark Coleman, and Fedor Emelienko often practice GNP is their fights (thought Fedor has excellent submissions as well)
by DL239 July 13, 2006
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A fucking idiot who thinks BFE is a real place and like swears by it because he loves men.
My name is GNP and I live out in BFE, BUTTFUCK EGYPT
by Risto. August 27, 2008
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Your friend: Hey man have you seen the dog lately?
You: Yea he’s over there licking the GNP.
Your friend: Damn, I wish he licked my GNP.
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by friendmandude May 27, 2019
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