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A unit of measurement usually used by the Gaming-Asylum community that scales to around 1.12 tons (2240 pounds)
Oh fuck! that kid weighs like half a Gnash
by olololol1xd December 15, 2018
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An adjective used to describe something cool, awesome, excellent, outstanding, or crazy. It is definitely a superlative adjective, only used when the subject is extremely good or amazingly superior, or there is much energy involved in the speaker's passion about the subject or the excellence of the subject itself.

Usually preceded by "fucking"
I went to that DMST show last night, they were fucking gnash!

You got us there in no time, driving fuckin' gnash like that!

The protest was fuckin' gnash man, even fucking Jane Fonda showed up!

by fuckdc May 17, 2007
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A weeb with the desire to shnitzel with a human of the same sex
This man is a Gnash
via giphy
by Trungle May 30, 2018
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A backward song with other meanings or to send cryptic messages.
2pac uses gnash to tell a different stories in many songs. Example, Dear Mama reversed.
by Kraaazzy October 24, 2008
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A rAndOm WorD we SAW while looking for nun porn.
I may like the gnash!
by NuNs gone wild February 12, 2004
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