1. What a girl texts u right before she goes to "bed" when she's pissed

2. "fuck u"
Girl: Well if ur not going to come onto discord to talk, i guess i am going to bed. gn.

Boy: aight
by teeniebopper26 June 3, 2020
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Good Night Streaks. A snap you send/receive at night to keep your Snapchat streak going.
Don't forget to send a gns to all your streaks before you forget in the morning.
by urbanfuego January 6, 2019
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GN, a shorter term for gender neutral, is used in fanfiction (usually in a reader-insert/x reader story) for characters whose gender is either ambiguous for the reader, or made for the reader to decide.
"Hey, have you read this GN!Reader x John Doe?"
"Nope, and I don't plan to."
by {}bracket{} November 25, 2018
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Man, you can't go out tonight cuz you're grounded??? That's some GNS.
by reedballer February 21, 2017
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"Good Night"
"Game Name" (on Battle Net channel, the name of costum game)
It's getting late, GN !
noob1: I will pown u!
noob2: lets see, i create game, GN:noobgame

by Maxim_DK October 16, 2004
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to goodnight, to sleep, to nap at 3 in the afternoon after school.
My friend Tim hates it when Matt GN's after school for three hours at a time, especially when he returns with a tiring hello.
by caineo April 27, 2012
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Mary: Alexa, I have to get up very early tommorow, so, I'm going to sleep!
Alexa: Alright! GN!
Mary: GN!
by NerdyGeek2009 August 4, 2019
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