Worst School in the world lol don't come here if you go here you are a gay prince
oh hey bro what school u get in to
Well i got into Glyn School
ohh you gay prince
by Sal_6969 March 19, 2021
Man of God. Such an amazing person, with a a thirst for life. Everybody loves Glyn!
by Siany March 22, 2005
catie glyn totally roasted me yesterday, i went home and cried myself to sleep last night
by sally1234_5678 November 1, 2018
When you spunk in her hair and try to wash it out with your piss
"Did you see her hair? It looks like she had a dirty Glyn!"
by deeTee92 May 22, 2019
A Glyn is a term applied to points obtained freely or incorrectly during a game or competition which are awarded by a games master who is not aware of the rules of the game or competition. A Double Glyn is when this occurs twice

Also know as a "Double Points" / "Lucky Bastard"
"You joking you got a double glyn!"

"If only I had a double glyn I would of won!"
by Other Nigel April 3, 2022
A school where you get reemed by all the teachers, not just the PE ones.
John: I'm getting completely shafted!
Laura: That's Glyn School for you.
by JOHN_ANDROMEDON July 12, 2021