1. a condom.
2. a garment that you put on your hands.
1. "No glove, no love."
2. "Put your gloves on; it's cold outside!"
by damusicmaker March 19, 2010
Put it on your left hand. Put it on your right. Go into the cold and feel alright
Gloves are so effective when your in the cold. FUCK YOU COLD!
by Babadoo722 February 22, 2019
The art of giving glove lightshows. :')
Shit... Ha-Ha and Yoshie just did a tag-team lightshow for me. I was just melting.. They're some fuckin experts at gloving. PLUR!
by ssstaxxx July 15, 2010
When you get a handjob from a hospital nurse
That bitch at the hospital gave me some good glove last night bro
by Narx January 26, 2020
When you are so drunk and you can't find lube, you think putting a condom on your finger will help you fit in an extremely tight vagina.
Make sure you glove it tonight.
She's so tight that I might have to glove it.
She's never done that before, did you glove it?
I'm gloving it Tonight!
by MrGloveIt March 21, 2011