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The art of giving glove lightshows. :')
Shit... Ha-Ha and Yoshie just did a tag-team lightshow for me. I was just melting.. They're some fuckin experts at gloving. PLUR!
by ssstaxxx July 14, 2010
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The act of putting a condom on a hand and then fisting an anus with that hand as to not get poop directly on the hand.
Michelle and I are trying more butt stuff but don't want to get shit everywhere.

Dude, just do gloving instead.

Oh yeah! We will try that tonight!
by Hondagloving July 06, 2017
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Inserting a beer or other alcoholic beverage into a glove or similarly innocent object for the purpose of inconspicuous consumption. Frequently used at public activities to dodge open container, public intoxication and underaged drinking laws.
Kevin: Dude, why are you drinking out of that glove?

Chris: So that cop over there doesn't arrest me for an open container violation. It's called gloving.
by cosmo November 03, 2006
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The act of pushing the penis back into the groin as to feel as though it is a finger on a glove, once fully loaded the user must quickly remove the finger to allow the penis to spring back into place.
Guy 1: yo man what you been doing I haven’t seen you in days?

Guy 2: just been gloving my dude

Guy 1: Jesus Christ you need to stop with that shit man it isn’t healthy

Guy 2: I can’t stop don’t you understand !?

Guy 1: look I’ve been supportive of you through losing your mom and your dad beating you, but this? I don’t think there’s much more I can do man I tried, I really did. But..

Guy 2: look man I can change

Guy 1: No you won’t ! And you never fucking will... I loved you man

Guy 2: I love you too bro

Guy 2: so you wanna glove? :^)
by GloveMaster of GloveWorld December 12, 2018
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when a bromance takes on a new level of intimacy and becomes gay-loving.

differences between a bromance and gloving include are subtle. in a celebration, a bro might SLAP another's ass. two men gloving might SQUEEZE the other's ass. Basically, more touchy than a bromance.
examples include:
two guys stage kissing, GLOVING
constant feeling and squeezing of the other man's breasts (moobs) and areas. GLOVING
by Grkoz September 03, 2011
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A sexual act where the female (or male) sticks their entire hand into their male partners foreskin. They then rub the head of the penis while their hand is fully inside the foreskin.
Guy 1: Did you smash your gf last night bro?

Guy 2: No not really, she did show me this new thing called gloving tho.

Guy 1: what the fuck
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