Glory is a girl that can speak her mind but still be really quiet, glory is beautiful and never tries to hurt anyone, Glory can be complicated but in all she will love you for who you are, she's clingy and cute, she always makes you smile even when you are crying, glory is truly an amazing person and if you let her go then you best believe you got a poblem. I love you glory
Me: I miss my girlfriend
Friend: her name is Glory right?

Me: how'd you know?
Friend: you can tell by her compation for you
by Khscupcake August 02, 2019
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Glory is the best. She eats a lot, but is still skinny. She is heavenly, and will always be nice. She can is very talented, and will always have your back. She is ridiculously funny, but if you test her, she will find you, and she will hurt you. Don't mess with her, because she is smart, and she will prove you wrong. She is extremely loyal, and has loyal friends too. Hurt her and her friends will come for you. Hurt her friends and she'll come for you.
Boyfriend: I want to break up with Glory
Boyfriend's friend: Don't do that! She's the best. Also, her friends will come for you
by Toot too24 October 02, 2019
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He is the most beautiful structure you could ever lay your eyes on, he is someone that wants to love and protect anything that really means a lot to him. He loves you at your best and also at your worst. He loves you enough to love you more than he love himself. He is your king and you should try your hardest to keep this unique figure. He is not an everyday human being.
Yh that's Glory
by Glxrye February 12, 2017
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(adj.) football taunt - similar to ball hogging or not passing the ball when a team mate has a better oppertunity to score than you. Letting the culprit know that you are dissatisfied with his choice of blatent selfishness can be done by chanting "glory, glory, glory" repeatedly until the individual in question gets the message or until he passes.

(noun) football taunt - labelling someone as "glory" identifies them as somebody who will satisfy his own selfish goals (pun intended) over the aims of his team
"Betty, you're such a glory"
by jim fowler 88 September 16, 2009
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Great honor, praise, or distinction accorded by common consent. Also a word that has somehow gone this long without being added to Urban Dictionary.
"I'll die for the glory of my nation!"
by Turtlederp117 September 13, 2020
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She's pretty, kind and intelligent. She knows her worth and her standards are high. She has a few friends but loves them all. She doesn't really talk about her problems because she doesn't want others to worry about her. One would be lucky to be her boyfriend because her love is very genuine, she will spoil the one she loves. She values time with God. Overall glory is one of a kind. Cherish her.
Ohh yeah that's Glory
by Itsokaynottobeokay January 29, 2021
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