A glob of something or something that's round and squishy.
by Crazy Abe January 26, 2004
Noun The loose bit of flabby skin under someone's chin.
"Yuck, look at his chubby globules!"
by Fajjz January 28, 2009
The action of going into a room, becoming disorientated and forgetting where you are and what your original intentions were. At the same time, you have taken a piece of stationery into the room and brandished it at the air in the room in general, and then left without doing what you intended.
"Excuse me sir, are you trying to return this biro...?"

"oh no, He's just globulating. I think I want to globulate also."
by i can't find my mango April 2, 2007
The act of deep dunking your balls in another's mouth. Similar to tea bagging but globulated balls are in deep....very deep.
Kate: "I was choking on your nuts there darling."
Steve: "Sorry love, I just had an overpowering urge to globulate!"
by Beadle's Pen May 3, 2010
1) The act of existing while being extremely obese

2) The uncontrollable existence and unhindered motion of fat on one's body.
All those fat people were globulating all over the McDonalds.


He was globulating while watching T.V.


She was cute, but she was kind of globulating around the waist.
by The Chern November 15, 2006
a small lump/blob of paint found in a tin of paint. very annoying. a hinderance when one is painting walls.
i had to get that globule off my wall with my hands and then repaint the whole area!!
by dixie._.normus April 4, 2020