1. A dumb ass person that still think the earth is a ball regardless of all the proof showing its flat.

2. How the fuck does these Globetards think the earth is a ball flying in a vacuum following a ball of fucking fire.
"If stupid could kill, Globetard would be a weapon of mass destruction."
by Craze Lee June 22, 2018
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Egotists who spends all their time arguing with flattards, and think they're going to teach them the truth.
The only thing worse than a flattard is a globetard.
by Dust678 April 30, 2019
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Something flattards call people who believe the earth is round, instead of using facts, evidence, etc. to reinforce their claims. Both parties are in fact wrong, because the earth is shaped like an anime girl riding a velociraptor.
Person: well how about this photo taken of the Ponchartrain power lines that clearly demonstrate the curvature of the earth?
Flattard: Uh...uh...globetard!
by MaskedAsian November 13, 2018
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Based off the term "libtard"

A globetard is someone who lives in the fantasy that thinks the idea of globalism would work. A globetard spends his or her or whatever it identifies as (because it commonly identified as something that's not real) saying that the idea of a world government would work because everyone would work together to eliminate the evil bankers and elites, and everyone would prosper. Commonly points to the EU as an example, although ignoring the fact that the EU was built up by the elites. Also, they live on the notion that everyone loves everyone and with the press of a button, they will end racism and discrimination. Usually between the ages of 12-21. Usually college student who picked a terrible major, or a middle schooler/high schooler who thinks their idea can change the world. Or a high school teacher who just wants the benefits and a bigger paycheck.
Kid #1: Yo bro, a world government could totally save us! Like all the leaders of the world come together like the EU! We could crush the elites and end inequality! Bro we can do it!

Smart Kid: Why would the leaders of the world who already took huge loans of money from the elite to create wars and chaos across the world, come together for peace and harmony? Maybe we should just shrink the size of the government so it has less power, so the elites can't dominate it anymore.

Kid #1: Bro? Bro? That's racist you bigot! This is the future! Progress bro we're gonna unite and the world will be beautiful!

Smart Kid: You're honestly such a globetard. You live in a fantasy world where you think everything can work out with a huge and powerful government.

Kid #1: *doesn't have the mental capability to respond as they were utterly destroyed by facts
by OMGdude July 02, 2016
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