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Term predominantly used by Flat Earthers, to denote a believer in a globe shaped earth, or an oblate spheroid, as opposed to a flat motionless plane.

Often used in a defamatory context.

See Baller
Flat Earther: Globeheads, they are religious zealots with no concept of the scientific method, going to university to learn that the universe is real, without doing the research to check it out.

Globehead: Gravity is real, they have detected gravity waves, you clearly have no concept of reality.

Flat Earther: Did you learn that from someone in a position of authority, or did you do your own empirical research to come to that conclusion, good little Globehead, remember to never question your beliefs.
by Cultural State Evolution February 11, 2016
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A name created by people who do not know how the world works to shame people who do. The world was created by Flat Earthers in an effort to get more people to believe the ridiculous claim that Earth is a flat solitary plane. Globeheads are the ones who know Earth is round. The name is meant to signify that they think the earth is a globe because they've been hypnotized by the media and the idea is fried in their head.
Flat Earther: If the earth was a ball, then planes would have to nosedive to navigate it!

Globehead: Gravity.

Flat Earther: Gravity doesn't exist. You're stupid. You're just a Globehead who has been hypnotized by the media. Wake up. Research FLAT EARTH!
by Mister. E April 14, 2017
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A term, often used pejoratively by flat-earthers, to describe a worldly, liberal-minded person who believes in basic scientific facts, especially the fact that our planet has a spherical shape, which was established by Ancient Greek astronomers more than 2,000 years ago.
"Bill Nye is such a globe-head!"

"So I woke up to my wife of 13 years telling me she can't respect me anymore for my flat-earth views. I wasn't sharing flat-earth views on my Facebook wall or sharing my ideas with any of our globe-headed friends, so I thought I was OK. But, no, she entered my Facebook and seen sic me commenting and sharing in this group. I guess it's not OK to have any independent thoughts, and I can no longer follow the subject for fear of losing my family."
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by Alma Gest July 16, 2017
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