When one is to "GLO" or "GLO'd Up" his confidence, swagg and demeanor are so hiehtened they cannot be changed by negativity. GLO can only be defined as your swag
Beezus, Lil Ty, Mar Mar, Bricen and Ron were GLO'd when they realized they all hit it off the same shorty accidentally
by BEEZUSChrist September 24, 2014
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(Pronounced gee-low) Short for good lookin' out. An expression of thanks for someone doing you a favor, helping you out, or getting your back.

me: Hey, slow down, there's a cop up there.
J-dog: G-lo, thanks!
by just a pirate chasing booty November 15, 2005
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Good Looking out!!

Originaly used in the inner city urban youth to give Thanks to a trustworthy lookout while a crime was being committed. Short for "good lookin out"

Now used as a quick thanks or a show of grattitude among friends for help in any situation.

also popular among Ebay feedback forums due to lack of space for comment.
Tyrone: Damn yo' We got a test today and I aint brang no pencil
Brent: Dont worry man, I have an extra pencil. take this one.
Tyrone: Oh Helllz jea niga! GLO!
Brent: no prob' dude, dont mention it!!
Jamal: Yo brent let me get one dem pencil too!!
Brent: Uhh Sure Jamal here.
Jamal: Good luukin ga, GLO!
Brent: Yup!
Tyrone: Hey Mark, let me get nuther pencil I loss minez
Brent: UHHH My name is Brent and I just gave you one!!
Tyrone: I juss tode you I loss minez, muthuhfucka!!
Brent: I only have mine left and I need it for the test.
Tyrone: I dont giz a fuk nigga, Hook me up!!
Manwithshotgun: Ker-klik!- Blam!! Ker-klik- Blam!!
Brent: Glo!!
Manwithshotgun: ha ha ha, Dont mention it Brent!!!
by Largbals June 08, 2006
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A person that pawns at many things. Often associated with multicultured beasts.
-that dude's mad g-lo, yo.
-damstraiht homy
by g October 29, 2004
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another name for an igloo. may also have an unidentifiable affinity for purple elephants and naive keys. sources say a devilish pointy chin is the result of constant mafia killings.
If u dont like this doorlock, get g-lo; if you dont like this person, get g-lo.
by los January 19, 2004
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