She's the queen of brightmoon, she cute and powerfull. DONT underestimate her
Queen glimmer of brightmoon
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Describing one who wears too much "bling" or jewelry.
by Kousagi November 26, 2008
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glimmer is a sparkly pink-haired bisexual who can teleport and beat up people with glitter. she is also the queen of brightmoon after her mother got stuck in a portal. she is in love with a boi who shoots sticks with pointy ends
person 1: look its queen glimmer of brightmoon
person 2: yea she'll beat ur ass with glitter
by gaylittleshit March 14, 2022
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To play with a large amount of money when gambling or playing poker. The large amount you are playing with is your glimmer.
"I had to put some glimmer in play to get back to even"
by ACG2x January 3, 2004
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A glimmer man (sometimes rendered as "glimmerman") was a name unofficially, but universally, applied to inspectors who were employed by coal gas manufacturers in Ireland to detect the use of gas in breach of rationing restrictioons during the Emergency (ie. WW2) from March 1942 and in some places as late as 1947.

The term is now used as a metaphor for bureaucratic intrusion into privacy.
"Rattled by the glimmer man, the boogie man, the holy man" - lyric from "Faithful Departed" by Phil Chevron.

"Gas could be used only on certain hours of the day and hence the arrival of the Glimmer man."
by Alberto Rosso June 9, 2009
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Prosecuters who would rather play guitar, and perhaps should. They keep their hairs in drilled tips to pierce the Heavens or to just make themselves feel pretty. They are fun to throw snackoos at, so do so if you see one. They also like to seduce opposing lawyers after court.
"Always thinking he's a prince in the investigation... What a glimmerous fop! MUNCH MUNCH MUNCH!"
by Ema Skye August 30, 2008
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a light purple communist pony in MLP that forced her village in total equality. She was reformed when Twilight Sparkle defeated her and is now currently a protagonist.
Starlight Glimmer: "The only way to be happy is if we're all equal!"
by awesome_kitty July 10, 2018
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